Journal Article
. 1979 Aug; 25(8):1440-3.

A simplified, colorimetric micromethod for xylose in serum or urine, with phloroglucinol

T J Eberts  R H Sample  M R Glick  G H Ellis  
  • PMID: 455682
  •     43 citations


We have developed a simplified xylose assay procedure that requires only 10 min and requires 50 microL of serum or 5 microL of urine. The reaction with phloroglucinol is more sensitive than the classic p-bromaniline color reaction, and requires only 4 min of heating for color development. A single reagent is mixed with the specimen directly, without prior protein precipitation. Analytical recovery of xylose added to serum was quantitative; precision studies resulted in a between-day coefficient of variation of 5.2%. Glucose, which has significant potential for interference in most other xylose procedures, reacts under the test conditions only to the extent of 70 mumol of apparent xylose per liter for a 5.5 mmol/L solution of glucose. The new procedure has been valuable in the assessment of malabsorption, especially in children and infants, where serum xylose is the preferred measurement.

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