Journal Article
. 1996 Jul; 184(1):159-64.
doi: 10.1084/jem.184.1.159.

Translational control of interleukin 2 messenger RNA as a molecular mechanism of T cell anergy

J A Garcia-Sanz 1 D Lenig  
  • PMID: 8691129
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T cell stimulation by triggering through the T cell receptor (TCR) in the absence of costimulatory signals or by calcium ionophore induces unresponsiveness in T cells to further stimulation, a phenomenon known as anergy. In freshly isolated T cells, calcium ionophore induces expression of interleukin (IL)-2 messenger (mRNA), but this mRNA is not translated and not loaded with ribosomes. In addition, while plate-bound anti-CD3 stimulation of resting T cells leads to IL-2 mRNA expression and IL-2 secretion, in cells pretreated with calcium ionophore before anti-CD3 stimulation, the IL-2 mRNA remains polysome unloaded and no IL-2 is produced. These observations show that IL-2 expression is controlled at the translational level, by differential ribosome loading. Furthermore, our data suggest that translational control of IL-2 mRNA may be a molecular mechanism by which anergy is attained.

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