Journal Article
. 1996 Sep; 200(3):639-49.
doi: 10.1148/radiology.200.3.8756909.

Breast lesions: correlation of contrast medium enhancement patterns on MR images with histopathologic findings and tumor angiogenesis

L D Buadu 1 J Murakami  S Murayama  N Hashiguchi  S Sakai  K Masuda  S Toyoshima  S Kuroki  S Ohno  
  • PMID: 8756909
  •     90 citations


Purpose: To compare qualitative and quantitative magnetic resonance (MR) mammographic features of breast lesions with histopathologic findings, especially tumor angiogenesis.

Materials And Methods: Seventy-three patients (72 women, one man; aged 30-78 years; mean age, 51.0 years) with suspicious breast lesions underwent MR imaging. Noncontrast medium-enhanced localization imaging and then gadolinium-enhanced dynamic fast spoiled gradient-recalled-echo (SPGR) imaging were performed in all patients. In selected patients, subtraction fast SPGR images were obtained. The Pearson and Spearman correlation tests were used to determine the strength of the relationships between enhancement parameters and microvessel determinations.

Results: Time intensity curve type correlated with microvessel density grade (Spearman rank correlation test: r = .90, P < .001). The steepest slope of contrast medium uptake correlated with microvessel counts (Pearson correlation test; r = .83, P < .001). Peripheral enhancement in invasive carcinomas (n = 9) correlated with high peripheral and low central microvessel densities, which were associated with desmoplasia and/or necrosis. Internal septations (n = 2) were seen only in fibroadenomas.

Conclusion: The density and distribution of microvessels may play major roles in the determination of the initial rate of contrast medium uptake and the heterogeneity of tumor enhancement.

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