. 1996 Oct; 137(42):2299-303.

[Support by telecommunication of decisions in diagnostic pathology. Experience with the first telepathology system in Hungary]

P Gombás 1 B Szende  G Stotz  
  • PMID: 8992427
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The term of telepathology can be determined as diagnostic work of the pathologist at distance via an interactive telecommunication connection in which the image of the specimen appears on a monitor instead of viewing it directly through a microscope. Being a part of the telemedicine, the fast development of the telepathology is based on the revolution of the new digital technology. Technical advances of telecommunication and of image procession in the latest 80s have provided the means to transfer huge amount of visual information in narrow communication bandwidth in two direction link. In 1995 multiple live image transmission with simultaneous voice transfer has been performed between the Department of Pathology of MI Central Hospital and Institute of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research of Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest. Transfer rate via ISDN channel was 128 kbit/sec. The first live image telemedicine system in CCE/NIS countries has achieved transmission of cytological smears, frozen sections and paraffin embedded slides supplemented with immunohistochemical preparations. Quality of visual information using video-conference software of standard H.320 was suitable for diagnosis. Development of global telepathology services depends on compatibility of different systems and on comprehensive examinations of cost, accessibility and quality for the clients and providers of telemedicine. Recent paper surveys shortly the historical development of the telepathology, analyses the essence of the new consultation technology, summaries the first experiences in Hungary and raises some questions have to be answered in the near future.

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