Journal Article
. 1997 May; 6(5):583-9.
doi: 10.1016/s1074-7613(00)80346-5.

Tyrosine phosphorylation controls internalization of CTLA-4 by regulating its interaction with clathrin-associated adaptor complex AP-2

T Shiratori 1 S Miyatake  H Ohno  C Nakaseko  K Isono  J S Bonifacino  T Saito  
  • PMID: 9175836
  •     105 citations


CTLA-4 is a costimulation receptor that binds to the same ligands, CD80 and CD86, as CD28 with high affinity and is transiently expressed on the cell surface of activated T cells. CTLA-4 delivers an inhibitory signal through association of a phosphotyrosine-containing motif in the cytoplasmic domain with Syp tyrosine phosphatase. We now demonstrate that CTLA-4 interacts with the mu2 subunit of the plasma membrane-associated adaptor complex, AP-2, through the same motif involved in the interaction with Syp, except that the interaction with mu2 requires unphosphorylated tyrosine. The interaction with mu2 likely induces rapid internalization of CTLA-4 from the cell surface. Our results suggest that the phosphorylation state of a single tyrosine residue determines whether CTLA-4 delivers a negative signal or is internalized.

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